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ANOTHER TRIP TO MADISON – design indulgence

 ANOTHER TRIP TO MADISON – design indulgence

Look at me being a good blogger…..I am writing this on Monday because I will be gone all day to Madison on Tuesday for a little install.  

Last time I went down we installed a sectional and some barstools.

They had the rug so I worked around it!  There was also a leather sofa and chair so I split it up.  Standing in the entrance of this room if you turn around there is another room with a large fireplace.  I put the sofa in there.

So I needed a coffee table, and console table and pillows which I did a post on recently! 

Only problem is I don’t think the pillows will make it.  Dang….cause I spent a lot of time curating those suckers.  

**They arrived last night at 7 pm!


This is a before picture…all that yellow pine was painted BM Revere Pewter. This is the room with the fireplace and you can see the other room behind it.

Before the renovation…..

So you can see the rug….which I moved into the other room…..

This is the wall where we need a console table.

The chest will be moved somewhere else and the console is longer

Y’all know that I always do a little flea market shopping for my projects… is important to have that collected look in every room… my humble opinion:)

I scored these 2 pieces….a small piece of art and this black thing…..haha.

I think this is an old wicker suitcase of something but I love the patina on it!

Since she is an art historian I scored some old art books…..

And I was on the hunt for an old copper or brass lamp….and there she was as I came around the corner.  Changing out the lampshade to a lighter one.

Also hanging curtains in the dining room…..

I’m pretty pumped to see the new changes!

I have a crazy week y’all…..Tuesday in Madison….Thursday I am driving to Greenville for the day to help a friend with lighting for her new house!  Friday I have another small install…..whew.

Cami is not going to be happy about all this.  



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