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BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

 BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

Well here it is Friday and I think my week skipped Tuesday 🙂  

I knew I was going to have another little fun before and after for ya today so I just wasn’t motivated to to a post when I felt like it was going to be a snooze.  I realize many of you take the time to cruise over here and I wanna make sure you get a little bang!

So things are full circle here at Sherry Hart Designs. Now… long time clients children are grown and they are calling me to help them with their first apartments!

I can hardly say no and with Hannah I had done her bedroom when she was a little girl:)

So let’s take a look at the changes.  First of all I only bought one small piece of furniture…..she already had been living there a few months but it just needed to be pulled together!

Rose and I came to the rescue…..

Here is the bedroom….which as you can see just needed a little help being pulled together.

Just a few accessories…..Target vase.



She had the art hung and I bought a pillow and throw!

Ta Da….

You can see it did not take much!

Moving into the living area…..

Let’s break it down….new pillows, larger lamp shade and just a few accessories.

Pillows came from Crate and Barrel and West Elm





And….the kitchen!

We only had about 3 hours to do this and I think we spend 2 hours on these shelves…..haha

Then we totally had to scurry…..

I found the art at Target and then just some greenery….she had everything else so we just shopped her place….

She had bought this shelve from Ballard Designs to serve as a bar area…..when we were there we told her where to hang it.

Honestly I think we only bought the faux plant from Target….the small bowl from HomeGoods.

The art and that’s it!

Here are a few shots of the kitchen shelves….



We bought the small art and faux plant from Target….the vase from Crate and Barrel and the rug and blue vase from Homegoods…..

The rest was just styling:)

In the foyer I had her Mom make some prints to put in frames from HomeGoods…and we moved the rug that was previously in front of the kitchen sink.


Before….she really needed a drop station for keys etc.

Everything we found at HG’s was too short….but then Rose found this cabinet at Ikea!  The small mirror and lamp came from HG’s.

So funny cause I had her Mom pick it up and when she and her husband opened the box they got overwhelmed [welcome to my world]!  They actually  called TaskRabbit to put it together and she said they were great….

 And that’s it!  

Getting the sweetest text from her that evening made it all worth it!  I have to say that the main reason I am in design is that I love when people are happy with their spaces…’s the best.

Have a great weekend y’all….




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