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BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

 BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

I love Fridays…..there I said it.  One reason is that I have been taking Saturdays off from work….you know like a “mental health day”.  I used to just work 7 days a week….meaning that I was always doing some work on the weekends but that was no fun!

I got my second vaccine on Tuesday and I was waiting for all the bad things to happen but it was just like the first shot……nothing.  So there you have it.  

I posted about that on Instagram and somebody got all over me saying “I was acting like a hero” because I took the vaccine.  HUH?  Look….get one if you want or don’t… is none of my business…..don’t come at me.  

The only reason I think I am a hero is that I managed to find the darn “correct” parking deck at the Mercedes Benz Stadium since the only directions on the sheet of paper said “park at the stadium”.  Um….there are like 25 parking decks.

#oldpeople need a little more help than that.

So I was about to dog y’all today cause I really didn’t have anything to share with you.  I mean the fashion post about did me in with keeping all the links straight and stuff….:)

But I thought I would share just a few pictures to prove the power of paint in design!

OK….no judgement here….cause you know the after will be stunning…..

Here is the deal…..the opening to the room was about 4 feet so the first thing is to enlarge it.  Next up is take the corbels off the fireplace mantel. The surround is a brown marble and I suggested to keep it…’ll see….

This entrance got closed in as they really didn’t need it!

Now the opening has been widened to 6 feet.  We are going to keep the chandelier but paint out the room a light color…..painting out all the brown trim but keeping the stained wood sashes as they are throughout the house….

The Brazilian Cherry floors are getting refinished.  I know what you are thinking….how to get the red out of those suckers.  Well the floor guy gave us a sample and I was amazed.  He puts a bleach on them first and then he was able to get a pretty brown.  We are both excited about that!

OK…..are you ready to see the room painted????

I mean…..whoa mama…..

Total game changer!  Benjamin Moore White Sand.  I sent her some sconce selections… I will keep you posted on this little gem of a makeover.

Like I said…..the power of paint…..

Last night I went over to my neighbors and she order food from the Slutty Vegan…..

Ha Ha I think she was afraid we wouldn’t have enough fries!  I plowed through those suckers and then we destroyed the rest.  She asked me if I wanted to take them home and I said #hellno…..I would not rest until they were all gone. 



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