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BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

 BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

Oh my God…..trying to sleep last night was a disaster.  11:30…..12:30…..finally at 1:15 I got up and took a 1/2 Ambian … 2:00 I was till awake and I got up and took the other half.  


The last time I remember looking at my watch it was 2:30… I guess I finally let go.  And…. then Cami nudges me at 6:00 cause…well hey Mom I gotta pee and I am hungry.

Whew gonna be a long day.  So guess what?  I finally have a little bit to share with you today.  My friend/builder  Michael Ladisic has been renovating his daughters townhouse and even though I wasn’t involved with that part I did get the call when there was a shitload of furniture sitting around and people scratching their heads 🙂

First they had to get the construction cleaned out!

Without getting too wordy on you there were 2 sofas.  You can see this situation clearly wouldn’t work .  Ahead to the left of where the 2 windows are is the foyer.

The dining room is straight ahead.

Dining area…..

Alrighty then…..

I split up the sofas….it is a very long room and the second sofa is really just for over flow seating….

The furniture came from all the roommates moving in so I had a lot of styles to choose from:)

The cushions were being cleaned but we made a big dent that day!

While waiting for the kitchen to be finished I went over last Sunday and we hung all the art….I also took a few pictures and then headed out to Target and Homegoods to see what I could find!

It certainly helps when your Dad is a builder:)

The powder bathroom below got a new vanity and the wallpaper will be going!

Some left over tile and wallpaper from a project…..turned it into a black and white haven!

Those Target hand towels are the bomb!

And after the things were hung… is how we left it until Yesterday morning…..

I ended up putting both brown pillows on this sofa.  And threw in a Target stripe with them!

This was the other sofa before….

Lucky for me I found one brown pillow at Target to take the brown over to the other side…..

This is the TV wall before….

A few books….some flowers and boxes….. done.  You might notice we changed out the rug [one of the girls already had it] because we needed the hide for the DR.  

I wasn’t feeling this chair situation…..before

I just neutralized it and took the throw off the ladder.

If you scroll way back the chest was in between the 2 windows.  It made a nice transition to “marry” the 2 sofas…..and continue the room so that the other sofa didn’t just hang out by itself! 

I had the lamp on the chest but moved it over to the end table because it was so crowded!

The foyer before…..

I was so lucky to find this small mirror at the last Homegoods I went to!

This made a nice drop zone for keys and such!

Before of the bar area….in the kitchen.

Just a little zhushing…..

Lisa found some new cushions for the outdoor furniture and it made such a big difference!

I picked up the rug and accessories at Target.

Man a little cleaning up made the world of difference and when I went back last night they had the fire going and the lights up!

The foyer…..before

I picked up a faux plant and some hooks at Target.

The dining room before……

Alrighty then…..from not having anything to blog about to the longest post ever….

It’s never consistent around here…haha

OK….I actually worked out this morning as sleepy as I was and now I am finishing up this post so I can get to work…..

Hope y’all have a great weekend!




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