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BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

 BEFORE AND AFTER – design indulgence

Well how the heck are ya?  

Yup it’s been a while and I feel shame that I am neglecting you guys but I am not giving up and I’m determined to get back on schedule! 

Friday I had an install in a home office space.  I worked on this renovation all last winter and we have slowly been working our way through designing the rooms!  They are dream clients….so trusting what I do and the process.

Here is where we left off after the renovation was done and before they moved in…..

This is the before….after they moved in.  I had some work to do…..but I knew I could bring this space to life as it had good bones!  So…..I got to shopping which is the fun part.

Well kind of….I mean after 2 or three days I can hardly remember what I’ve bought and my living room looks like a retail store:)

These are some of the things I bought so we set it up like a store!!

I have said this before but it is all about the layering.  Plus I needed to work with what was there.  Now I am not a fan of “semi-attached” back cushions for the very reason you see above.  You can’t flip them or have them re-stuffed.  But….I had an idea on how to help that situation out!

One of the things I wanted to do was layer a rug over the  bottom rug to add coziness.  

I lucked out and found this vintage Oushak which happened to be a perfect match! In my opinion it was a game changer for the room…..




We used his law books to fill many of the shelves…..we left the stickers on for their kids to take off!

And you can see I tucked in a throw to cover the back cushion!  

I lucked out finding the console that fit perfectly in the space between the bookshelves!

I found the floor lamp at Pottery Barn.

We worked around the existing art of the Atlanta skyline.


I love the vintage notary stamp I found while scouting around for some patina…..

Another trick is to use some baskets to add texture.  Too many books or accessories can look messy!

All in all it was a hit and nothing makes me happier than to see my clients happy!

I am so happy to be able to share some design with y’all…..believe it or not I have been busy but sometimes it takes a while to get to this point in a project!

13 days until I take off for Nantucket!  I am pretty pumped to take a little break.  My neighbor likes it because she will get to boss me a round and nothing makes her happier:)

Camilita is lying beside me with the death stare as she is ready for her walk so let me run!

Be back soon!



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