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CHRISTMAS AT MADISON – design indulgence

 CHRISTMAS AT MADISON – design indulgence

Last week Rose and I drove down to Madison to do a little Christmas decorating!  I had dinner with my neighbors and might have had a couple too many….while blurting out “hey why don’t I go down and do a little decorating at the farm?”

Well they latched on to that like a tick and since I won’t do any decorating at my own house…..I decided to make good on my word:)

We did have fun and even though I thought I had way too much stuff…..we discovered I did not have enough!

I took a few pictures that I thought I would share today.

After searching Pinterest I had this great idea to do a Hot Chocolate Station…

Within five minutes I had stuffed my face with one of everything:)

The she texted me and asked if it was a plot to make her fat since apparently she did the same thing.

I told her she needed to use some self control….that it was for her guest:)

I didn’t plan on setting the table but these little stockings from Target were so cute……

Her Bennington Pottery had just arrived and it looked cute as we just stuffed a napkin in with a sprig of faux berries!

We picked up the faux fur trees at Joanns but they looked a little plain so we cut red ribbon and pinned it on top.

We quickly snapped all of the pictures….so I apologize if they aren’t perfectly styled….:)

Found the gray stockings at Joanns and the white ones at Homegoods….

If you remember from the last Madison post I had split up a leather sofa and chair…..also here is the red rug in the room opposite of the really colorful one.  All I added here was a plaid pillow.

Pillow and plaid blanket here!

The main house guest bathroom got a Christmas pillow….

I hope everyone enjoys some time off with their families…..What a year right?  I mean….whew.

Cami and I will be here snuggled up on the couch watching The Crown.  Just finished The Queens Gambit and really enjoyed it!

Happy Thanksgiving



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