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CURREY AND CO LIGHTING – design indulgence

 CURREY AND CO LIGHTING – design indulgence

Lord I feel like a broken record….you know….hang in there….we got this….yada yada yada.


Period.  That’s it.  I got no more words of encouragement.

Really it is such a hassle to go somewhere with:



hand sanitizer….check

I feel like when I get hungry I’ll just go in the backyard and get some grass and stuff….put enough butter on it and I’m good.  I mean right?

So let’s see….what do I have today?

Since I am working on 3 renovations I have done nothing but lighting, plumbing and tile….. as I have mentioned.

Today I thought I would let you in on some of my favorite Currey and Co lights.  They are a Georgia company….family owned so I feel a little kinship to them.

The first one is the Saxon Chandelier.  It’s huge and don’t let the style fool you….when it’s hung it can really make a statement!

This image was the first time I saw it used.  I tried to find the source.

This is my second favorite the Brussels Chandelier.  I have loved it ever since Jill Sharp used it over her kitchen island in Charleston.

Next up is the Ringmaster Chandelier.  I used this one in Michaels Ladisics living room and it is a show stopper.


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