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DESIGN PLAN – design indulgence

 DESIGN PLAN – design indulgence

Well here it is Friday….see how I pat myself on the back just for getting a little old blog post up.  It was a busy week since I am a little behind after all the mayhem in my life.

I had last weekend to get a design plan together for some clients…that was a little tricky as it can usually take 2 weeks or longer.

This is a total renovation [Ladisic Fine Homes….builder] [Pritchett Dixon the architects] I have been working on for about 6-7 months.

I am going to show you the floor plans I did for the family room….

Its a pretty big room…..

They are a family of 5 with 3 boys….so even though there are playrooms and a full basement we all know that the room right off the kitchen is where they will all gather!

Above with 2 sofas and below I played around with a sectional…..

Below is OK using 2 smaller occasional chairs…but this one is really not that great.

This was the clear winner with the sofa and 2 swivel chairs.  It has the best pathways into the room.

Below you can see the kitchen right off the family room…..

This is the FR with a killer porch right off this space…..

I am sure they will be using this space a lot!!!

The smaller room [right off the kitchen] is a cooking porch which will have a grill area and a small table!

Before above and after….painted the new colors.  I know you are going to ask me but I can’t remember right this second…..

The bathroom tile has been installed….she wanted to keep it very neutral….

Love this subway with the trim on it!

I pushed her to use this tile and now she said it is her favorite:)

We did all ceramic in the secondary bathrooms but did a pretty marble in the master….

Below is the inspiration board I did…..

I know y’all want to see the decorating part….and we will cover that next week.  I am busy getting the estimates and firming it up!

Now for the good news….went back to the doc yesterday and it was confirmed….Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever….which I should fully recover from!  

Also I have not updated you on my BIL….he had his surgery.  They did find cancer in 5 lymph nodes but at this time [after conferring with the Mayo Clinic] no more chemo.  They removed his port and feeding tube.  He will be scanned every 3 months.  That is good news as there were some really rough times before and after the surgery.

OK…..I just want to warn y’all I am thinking of moving my blog from Blogger to my website!  Really scared about this as I have over a 1000 blog post and people have said that I might lose some and then of course I have to learn a whole other platform… goodness…this could be a disaster!

There are reasons which I will share with you later…..

I hope y’all have a great weekend…..I will probably be working but hey….the good thing is I am alive:)




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