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FASHION – design indulgence

 FASHION – design indulgence

I have a little fashion for you today in the form of what I bought this weekend!

I was hanging out with my friend Maria the other day and she had on this pretty jacket which I complimented her on and she quickly added that she got it at a consignment store!

So we continued chatting and I said let’s go consignment shopping this weekend….so we made a date.

I am completely familiar with that kind of shopping for home furnishings but not so much clothes….but I was up for it.

We started out with lunch at this cute spot that I had not heard of….Bracks Kitchen

It was SO good……

I scarfed it down and then thought….really not a good time to go clothes shopping since I could hardly button my pants:)

But….a plan is a plan so off we went!

I should have taken pictures of everything I tried on but ugh the dressing rooms were small and the lighting not so good and frankly I was just too lazy.

And I was going to take some pictures of what I bought when I got home but I sold my vintage full length mirror so I need to get another one asap.

Now…..of course my brain was in overdrive and I started blabbing on about how much fun this would be to make this a monthly outing and also “hey let’s put a cap on what we can spend….like say 200.00″…..wouldn’t that be fun?  

But she quickly poo pooed that idea and said I am gonna spend what I want so don’t be putting your limits on me….haha 

OK…first up are these Stewart Weitzman shoes.

Very little wear and we all know these sell for about 400.00 a pair.  Not happening people….I would rather have 4 pair of shoes for that….haha.

I was really coveting them and walked around the store for 20 minutes until I saw the 50% of all peach tags and I looked down to see a peach tag.  What?????  Holy Moly…this is my lucky day as I pranced up to the cash register and slapped them on the counter….50.00!!!

Then I tried on this cute fur vest for 30.00 and got all excited….of course when you are shopping with a friend there is a lot of encouragement going on….“get it…get it” can be heard numerous times.

So I did.

And I picture myself wearing it like below…..

Of course I am going to buy this cutie for 16.00…..I mean these are H&M prices and since I wear black or white 90% of the time it was a no brainer.

This is pretty much a uniform for me….

While I was researching….I found the exact top for 51.00!  


This pretty J Crew top was 16.00 also.  Not a stain or flaw on it and I am always looking for a pretty ivory top to wear under jackets!

And last thing on the list….

This pretty gray Michael Kors coat.  It was also marked down to 125.00.  What I loved about it is that it’s not lined so it’s perfect for Atlanta winters….

I will be sporting this look the rest of winter!

So….237.00  Good thing she didn’t agree with me about the cap….

Here is an out fit she scored.

I almost bought the pants.  They are a pretty camel suede from Lafayette 148 New York that I researched and they were original 900.00  She scored for 100.00  Then the jacket was  from Anthropologie and it was 30.00 

So there you have it….we will be doing this again! and I promise I will take better pictures.  I thought about saying to her let’s see if we can go a whole year and not buy retail but I knew we would cheat that plan so I scrapped it.

I don’t need to set myself up for failure right now:)

Hope you are having a good week!



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