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How To Drill Holes In Kitchen Cabinet Doors

 How To Drill Holes In Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Use a paint sprayer to spray the paint over the filled holes. Make sure you dont drill too far and poke out the other side of the door.

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With a pencil mark the face-frame through the slots in the mounting brackets.

How to drill holes in kitchen cabinet doors. We have had our new kitchen doors especially made but they dont come with the pre-drilled holes. You can see that as you press the filler in and spread it around it gets a little messy. Apply a dime-sized amount of wood putty on the end of a putty knife.

One way to avoid splintering the front of the drawer is to clamp a small piece of wood on top of the area to be drilled and drill through that bit of wood into the front of the drawer. Flat heads can also be handy in drawers if you want a racktray to fit flush to the front of the. Drill the pilot holes in the center of the elongated marks.

4 Drill your holes with a bit the same size or only. Place the drill in the template hole and drill slowly at high speed. I measured and marked the vertical center.

If youre filling larger holes you will want to use a small flexible putty knife to push the wood putty into the hole. Now I just had to find the center on each drawer. Grab your filler and cabinet door you want to fill turn over the cabinet door and start to apply the filler from the back side of the cabinet.

Drilling Holes for Cabinet Pulls. This should if you have the clamp firm prevent any sparring or splintering on the finished surface of the cabinet drawer. You can fix them yourself and restore the appearance of your wood.

Load a 116 drill bit into the chuck and stick it into the tiny holes on the sides of the jig. If youre drilling or sawing near your cabinet its easy to drill or saw right through the bottom top or doors of the cabinet if youre not careful. While large holes will require you to simply replace entire sections of the cabinets smaller holes are manageable.

You always drill from the front to the backside. A quick simple video tutorial howing how we drill our kitchen doors with the hinge drilling kit to fit standard 35mm Kitchen HingesSee more atWebsite. Discussion in Kitchen Fitters Talk started by vannquish Sep 27 2007.

This allows you to drill pilot holes for the hinge screws in the perfect position. Put the sharp end of an awl or a small nail on the marks and make small pilot holes. Just a little hole will help get the screw started.

Dont use a paintbrush using a paint sprayer makes the paint less likely to drip down the cabinet door. Step 2 Spread the putty over the hole pressing downward so that the putty fills the hole and doesnt just cover the surface. Use a level to see if the holes are in the right place.

Because I want the pulls centered in the drawers and the holes are 12 lower than center I made sure to mark TOP on each drawer as a future quick look reference. After the hole is full use the putty knife to scrape the excess off the surface of the cabinet and leave the putty flush with the panel or door. The standard size drill bit that we have used for many years is 316 Open the cabinet door and place your guide on the proper edge and on the front-side of the door.

Pull the trigger and the bit will spin and the pointy part will make a nice pilot hole to hole. These elongated marks are where you will drill the pilot holes for the screws that will attach the mounting plates. Build a Simple Jig to Drill Cabinet-Handle Holes Perfectly.

How To Drill Cabinetry Door Handle Holes. Kitchen door -drilling hinge holes. Build a Simple Jig to Drill Cabinet-Handle Holes Perfectly – YouTube.

The reason for applying from the back side is to keep this mess to the back. If the screw head can strike a face frame you may need to countersink the hole on the back side inside cabinet door and use a flat head screw. Wherever you decide to drill rest the little pointy end in the center of where you want the hole like so.

If youve never used a paint sprayer before I walk through the easy steps to use a paint sprayer here. Use a clamp to hold the jig and a scrap of 34 inch wood on the back of the door or drawer.

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