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MADISON PROJECT UPDATE – design indulgence

 MADISON PROJECT UPDATE – design indulgence

You know how when you don’t work out for a week….then another week and pretty soon it’s been 6 months and you are wondering how the heck that happened!  Yeah…..same with blogging I think.  I missed Tuesday and I guess it would have been easy to to just slack off for a while but I know I would miss it so I am pushing forward to keep some normalcy around here!

Holy crap have things changed for me and everyone…..just a mere 7 months ago I was strolling along and then my husband left me….my brother in law got cancer and the world has been turned upside down in a way that I have not seen in my 68 years.

This is just insane.

But….like everyone told me….we have to move forward and keep living our lives….maybe a little differently but non the less…. maybe this is a new normal for a while.

About the only project I have worked on is the home down in Madison.  It’s about 75 miles away and most of the furniture was ordered a while back.  I had it delivered about 2 weeks ago and was down there getting the curtains installed.

I am like a horse at the starting gate wanting to shop and get this place finished but that is not gonna happen right now.

Here is the furniture for the 2 new bedrooms….

Also ordered these mirrors from PB for the barn bath.


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