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I almost hate to post since there is so much going on our country…..I’m not blind but I feel like you might come here for some normalcy.  

I don’t really want to start “that” conversation as I know how passionate everyone is about their beliefs…..and I am OK with that.  

We are all friends and have been for 11 years so let’s just agree that this is a safe place and we will keep it light hearted and discuss my new coffee table instead….haha

A few months ago I went to the sample sale at the mart and stumbled across a Worlds Away waterfall coffee table and it stopped me in my tracks.  Rose and I both just stood there….thinking “do we have a client who could use this”.  It was such a deal we just could not walk away so I bought it and we both said we will find someone.

So funny because when I walked over to put the sold sign on it there were a couple of designers standing around deciding to buy it and I said….“stand back people…’s mine”.

Well per usual for me it just hung out in a corner of my LR waiting for some love.  Over the holidays I scooted my pigeon basket coffee table out of the way and played with some styling.  

Big Mistake.

I kind of love it.  Crap.  Now the pigeon basket coffee table is in the corner.  Crikey

Of course I was on a roll and brought in my amber jar…..

And then I remembered I had this mudcloth which I was going to have pillows made out of so I tucked it on the seat of the sofa!

The rattan chairs were found on Craigslist many years ago and I had them painted!

I found the vintage Chapman sconces at Scott’s probably 15 years ago….and the end tables at Tuesday Morning so long ago.  They were wood and I painted them as I love the lines.

I’ve had the sisal rug for a while and you can find one similar on Overstock as I have seen them before!

The small table is actually Currey and Co and was ordered for a client.  When it came I opened it to check for damage and just placed it in my room to see how it looked:)  She is probably reading this and thinking “well now it is used so I want a discount”….hahahaha

The black marble tray is from Target…..many years ago.

And my beloved Swan……Dawne Raulet Art.

I have already moved things around in the DR but here is that basket I bought for a client….and after I posted this on Instagram she reminded me it was hers…..haha.

So here is the before of the LR

I can’t decide…….whaaaaaaaa
I know it is a completely different look.  I will be so curious as which one you prefer……

I will tell you that this shot was taken by a professional so it does look pretty good.

What to do…..what to do?

I hope you guys have a great weekend.  It’s so cold here in Atlanta right now.  It’s a Scotts weekend and next week is The Mart!  Plus I am so overloaded with work….which is a good thing I know but I am a little overwhelmed.


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