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PAM SESSIONS PART 2 – design indulgence

 PAM SESSIONS PART 2 – design indulgence

Well of course Friday has arrived like a speeding bullet.  I know some of you are digging out from the storm.  I think I saw something about Binghampton NY having 40″ of snow.  I can hardly imagine what that is like…..

I mentioned last night that I wish we would had a dusting at least and everyone poo pooed that thought.  What?  I looked around the table with a shocked look.  You are pretty much already stuck in the house so whatevs……

And…..I have more shots of Pam’s house….so how about we get right to it.

This is the living space and I was blown away with how spectacular the color was…..Just perfectly spaced out.

That Kelly Wearstler curtain fabric was crazy good….the perfect color against the wood stain on the walls…..

Of course I was all in with the white furniture which helped ground the room in my opinion.

It was a good mix of old…new mixed in with a little modern. 


OK….I know this will come as no surprise….but there is more…..and we will cover it on Tuesday.  Come on y’all….you have known me long enough that you can’t be surprised about that….haha

And thanks again for your support.  Listen…..I am here to give you the good…the bad and the ugly.  If my personal life spills over into the amazing design [hahahaha] then you can definitely ignore  that part….it won’t hurt my feelings!  Isn’t a blog part journal?

I am done whining….I have my armor on and I am moving forward into 2021.  Bring it……

I am almost done with my office makeover and I won’t say it’s going to be earth shattering because in reality it’s “office makeover lite”.  But….you know what?  

It’s all mine:)

Don’t expect the “home edit” blogger version…..cause that ain’t happening but I think you will agree that I worked with what I had and to quote Dorinda “I made it nice” 



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