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Well…. hello sweet friends.

I’m gonna show you pretty pictures first as I don’t want this blog to be all sadness.  You are here for design and I am here to provide:)

To continue with the Boulder flip I have the kitchen, powder and dining area….

Here is the before of the kitchen….which actually got opened up and included the old dining room space.

This is the view standing right inside the front door.  I am LOVING the Serena and Lily foyer light.

Below is one of the listing images….I only had my iPhone and the last day I was still running around finishing up the styling…and making notes for them!

I got these cute vases a few “flips” ago and they added the perfect touch of texture….

The overhead lighting is from Circa.  The green is BM Irish Moss if I remember correctly.

I was excited to find this runner at World Market….

Beautiful white oak floors.

Across from the kitchen was a load bearing wall that of course couldn’t be moved so Greg made it a little bigger and added some storage!  

It makes the perfect coffee bar:)

Looking from that corner is the new dining area.

The light fixture is from Rejuvenation…kind of has a modern country look….

And of course who hasn’t seen that Target art:)

See that door on the right?

Yes…. it is the powder room.  Seriously there WAS NO OTHER PLACE TO HAVE ONE.  
It is the only bathroom on the main level [and basement level] so it had to be!

But we made it cute!

Bringing in the green tile……
Below was the inspiration.

A little change up with the lighting……

Next up will be the LR and bedrooms.

I want y’all to know that I read every one of your comments….soaking in the love and words of support which felt so good.  

It’s weird when you tell people you have a blog these days….it seems “old school” compared to Instagram and other social media platforms….but I am here to say that building relationships with people will always win out in the end.  Do you agree?

Let me just put this out there….I still have Cami. And she has kept me going….just knowing she needs me….along with all of her unconditional puppy love that our family pets provide.

It has almost been a month since I came home and I have experienced pretty much every emotion there is…..shock, devastation, betrayal, sadness, anger, loss, embarrassment….the list goes on.  I feel like I am getting a little stronger everyday even though half the time I just want to crawl in bed and hide.  I guess forcing yourself to “normal life” things just naturally moves you forward.

One more thing…..friends have told me that they also read all of the  comments from y’all and were so amazed by the kindness and support:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


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