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home Barbara

Boulder project is perfection, as always. I think of you often. Just know there are so many folks that truly care for you and are pulling for you. We got you, friend. You have a right to happiness. Own that. Be extra kind to yourself – even selfish, if necessary – during this difficult time. This too shall pass.

Laura | Everyday Edits

I am losing it! You don’t live in Boulder! Early morning viewing and no coffee!


Beautiful living room! Love how you brought in the green from the kitchen and also your choice not to add art on the wallpaper but instead the baskets on the white wall. Perfection, especially with the rattan chairs. Love all the color and texture. I learn so much from coming here.
Thinking of you often and sending power, resilience, self-care, strength and love!! But, not forgiveness!! HAHA!! (forgiveness is not one of my virtues ) xo


Sherry, I’m so glad to see you haven’t lost your amazing sense of humor and the essence of yourself on these pages. Not one bit! To me who knows you only through your words and pictures, that’s a great indication that you’re gonna be OK. Yes, there will be mountaintops and valleys, but give yourself some leeway when you’re in those valleys and find a formula that helps you cope with those times – like dinner with a friend, a long walk with Cami, or blogging and IGing your heart out! God Bless!


Perfection Sherry…as always. I enjoy seeing these amazing images each week so keep on dragging it out!
PS- The other day you mentioned all the emotions you are feeling, one was embarrassment. I had those feeling when this happened to me and now I think- Girl, why were you feeling embarrassment? This was all his doing, not mine, I had nothing to do with his choices, I am still a wonderful person, so hold your head high-
When I really believed that is when I felt so much better.

cindy hattersley design

You are a genius what can I say. Love that you left the wallpaper wall bare. Looks great as is. Love all the texture and that rug is fab! You are a rockstar!

Gail Storti

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never get tired of anything you post and love seeing every room and every detail of the wonderful homes you work on. This remodel is a winner and I’m sure it will sell quickly. We’d love to move but don’t know where to…Boulder is looking mighty good especially if we could get one of the homes you’ve worked on. Keep on keeping on, you can do this Sherry!

Kathy D

The one weekend that I was fortunate enough to meet you, I knew instantly that I liked you and that your husband was a lucky guy to have met and fallen in love with you. That weekend you gave me the link to a “little bloggy thing I write.” I was immediately blown away when I returned home and found it. It isn’t at all a “little thing”. It–and you–are BIG things! I read every one of your posts, whether it is on style, fashion, or life’s little happenings. You are my morning cup-of-coffee friend and I am glad you find comfort in continuing to share. I am speechless about the way in which your life “imploded” upon your return from Boulder, and I am so sorry that you are going through this right now. Reflection is all part of the healing process. I hope that it, and time, will give you answers and peace. Thinking of you and praying for you from across the country. Hang in there, my friend!

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