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 SCHUMACHER SPRING FABRICS – design indulgence

I bet you thought I went and joined the witness protection program…….I just had one of those days on Friday.  Happens occasionally….when I just can’t get it together and I feel like my “voice” is not important.  Life.

BUT……here is an update on my BIL.  He had surgery on Friday and all went great.  They left 40% of his esophagus which is so much better than we had all hoped for!  No cancer anywhere else so now it is on to recovery.  We are all relieved.  I tell ya….the treatment was pretty rough though!

I guess you have heard that Georgia is open for business….I’m not sure how I feel about it but dang I don’t want anybody to lose their business either.  Crap these are tough times.

ADAC has been closed but I got an email the other day from Schumacher with all of their new fabrics!
I had not heard of Molly Mohan but apparently she has a new collection with Schumacher and it’s a “doosy” y’all.
Let’s browse….

Like every good blogger I of course went straight to  the internet and Instagram to find Molly and get the scoop.

Pay attention because it is very rare I show all of this color…’s almost blinding:)

I sure am missing my gym….I walked 57 miles last week and I am so bored with it.  Yes…. I listen to podcasts but I find my mind wandering so much that I have to re-wind all the time.  

Hope everyone is staying safe:)




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