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Y’all like how I ghosted on Friday?  

Sometimes I get tired of myself…and I feel like talking about me is overrated and I need to shut up.  

With my whining….and such.  

AND….then I think well this is a blog Sherika and that is part of it.  I told someone the other day that they needed to get a little more personal on Instagram.  I don’t mean “air your dirty laundry” but I feel like connection is why we are here and now more than ever.  When you see a pretty picture it makes it more personal to say a few words…..thoughts?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  On Saturday Rose and I ventured over to Miami Circle to cruise around a few stores.  It is always good to go out and get some inspiration…..

I picked up a magazine from a year ago and saw a project that I thought was worth sharing.  I know what you are thinking…..”why Sherry…… when it is a year old”…..  

Well I am going to tell you.

This house was built in 1923.  J. Ryan Duffy was the architect.

Look at this puppy…..classic….traditional and oh so interesting!

There is NOTHING I love more that a curated home.  I also love that the upholstery is all the same….that can really help when you want your accessories to stand out.

Look at the patina on the floors….and that special bench stacked with art.  The all white walls are not cold at all.  Every room is perfectly layered.


The corner shelving… it!  Filled with mementos of travels I bet.  

This room is everything to me….just splashes of color……

The situation below is true perfection.  I love the color of the curtains….the chaise and art.  Just so pretty!

You can see the backyard through these windows….and y’all it is a stunner!

The landscape architect was Graham Pittman.  He is incredible and also did my neighbors back yard which is amazing. 


It is so organic with all of the different shades of green.

All photography by Jeff Herr and I assume the homeowner did the interior design.

You can read the story here

So I just finished A Place Called Home and now I am sad.  I got so invested with that darn family….

But last night I started watching Ted Lasso.  OMG….I was laughing out loud.  Some of the one liners are hilariously funny.

I also lost a crown a week or so ago and I might have to have an implant….something about “if I do another crown they can’t promise it will last”….blah blah blah I had already entered panic mode.

Y’all second to sleeping in a room full of spiders the dentist is the next scariest place for me. My anxiety level goes through the roof.

It’s always something right?




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