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SHOPPING AT POTTERY BARN – design indulgence

 SHOPPING AT POTTERY BARN – design indulgence

Lord y’all….I am in the weeds and trying to dig out but I feel like I am using a spoon instead of a shovel….haha.

I am putting together a whole house and trying to find something IN STOCK is impossible.  Seriously the “supply chain” is gone and  NO ONE HAS INVENTORY!

I am getting lead times like 16-18 weeks! 

What the actual heck?  Helppppppppp!

I mean I have looked at all the usual vendors that I use and even moved on to “big box” vendors that I usually only use for accessories!

Excuse me while I have a “hissy fit”……

Anyway……I was desperate and jumped on to Pottery Barn.  Hmmmmm…..I did find a few things I liked as far as furniture goes so I thought I would share!

 Let’s start with coffee tables….I love every one of these and could get to styling them up!

Here are 2 more that struck my fancy!

Y’all know I love some texture and of course this white one has my name on it….

Next up are table lamps….thoughts?  Those iron ones are pretty amazing…..and of course I have used the glass ones.

I love these black jar lamps also.

Next up are pillows…..The thing is…. I like to use the solid ones and then add some “pow” fabric mixed in!


The first ones are wonderful linen and I use them all the time!

What actually started the search was a quest for a black bed which I found but it is just a little to “farmhousy” for this project.

But…..check out some of these other great beds!

Loving this black nightstand but it is just a little too distressed for this project.  Damn.

Whats a girl to do?  Who wants to wait 5 months for a sofa….I am not kidding!  And stores that sell off the floor are suddenly NOT……because they can’t get more merchandise.  Uh Huh….truth.

On the one hand I have plenty of design business but on the other had I am looking at them…..scared to say uh……I can get this for you in 2022.

And then duck as they throw something at me or punch me in the face.

I did order this cute bed from CB2 which they say will be here in late May…..we shall see!

And this great mirror [CB2] for  over a foyer chest which WAS IN STOCK!  Whoa….give me a bullhorn so I can shout it to the world!

Haha….the person before me probably bought the last one.

Anyway the struggle is real people…..designers everywhere are going crazy.  Include me on that statement.

Shacrazy [but that is not news]


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