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Well…..well….she’s back:)  Yes it has been busy around these parts.  BUT….I have a special treat for you today!  What is that Sherry…..well how about some amazing pictures of the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles sponsored Southeastern Showhouse?  Will that garner some forgiveness for ignoring you?

I was invited for Media Day [gosh I’m lucky] and took about 200 pictures.  Today I will share with you the professional ones they sent me and then I will polish up the iphone pics and share those with you on the next post… a few years….hahaha.

Y’all I know I say this every year….but it was amazing and I do not think I walked into a single room and said “meh”.  Of course I am not a harsh critic because I can almost get behind any design!

Let’s just get right to it……

All the resources will be on the main website for the Showhouse!  And the designers……I will list the ones I remember but you can find a list on the website also.  The bedroom above was by Kati Hardwick from B.D. Jeffries.  I don’t have to tell you it appealed to my neutral loving heart:)

My friend Chris Holt who owns Noah J and Co did this room and I loved it…..especially the gallery wall!

This bedroom and bath by Amy Newell.  I was all in for the eclectic feeling of this space!

I did not get the info on this one but the pink was spectacular….I got a bunch of detail shots that I will share with you.

This kitchen is by designer Natalia Makarova and it was pretty special!

Probably my second favorite room was by Bob Brown.  How about this fireplace surround! Hubba Hubba!

This room was so HOT!  Perfectly curated in my opinion.  Designer Whitney Ray can take a bow.  

This dining room by Mrs. Howard was amazing and this picture does not do it justice.  You might have seen the shot I posted on Intagram.

Loved the gold curtain in the entry!

Melanie Turner always brings her A game!

The talented Jason Arnold also did an amazing job….I love the shape of this bed!

Ashley Malone and Stephanie Abernathy created this laundry room….I love the tile!

The upstairs laundry room by Chris Holt….

Here is a little tidbit of info….I never made it downstairs!  What?????

No worries as I am going back!

Melanie did all the outdoor spaces as her husband was also the builder of the house.

They were amazing!

Alrighty then….talk amongst yourself and decide your favorite because I must walk Cami.  I have an install today that I have been shopping for the last three days! 

Also I need to wash my hair….it is disgusting…ewwww.



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