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I hated to do it but I had to skip Friday…..I am sure you were all busy “adding to cart” haha.

OK….let me back up.  Saturday a week ago I tripped on a curb and fell down.  Yup.  One “old lady falling” coming up.

Damn y’all I was so mad at myself and I like to blame it on the f#*&ing mask.  Note to self….put mask on right before you enter building.

Anyway I messed up my knee….concrete will do that to you….so I have not been able to workout and that my friends is a problem for me.  One because it keeps me sane and also because it really helps me sleep.

I keep replaying it in my mind.  Crappppppp! [insert a string of cuss words followed by a major scream loudly]

The update is it’s a little better and I did go workout yesterday….just gingerly and only doing weights…..but I gotta say it has me a little down in the dumps as they say.

I’m giving it another week and it better be healed or you might read about me in the news and it won’t be good.

Meanwhile on the design front.

I am plugging along with my sisters kitchen.  I struggle with being all creative and such but then I go back to classic because I am so damn practical.  #curse

I can not recommend using a designer that specializes in only kitchens enough!  Seriously I see more people who let their builders plug in a kitchen and call it a day.  No bueno y’all.

She helped me see outside the box and made sure that it would all fit!

Look at the plan above because I am about to show you how this very angle looks now.

The bump out on the left will be gone.  It is a closet in the back hallway but she has PLENTY of closet space back there so she will not miss it!

Above….you can see that using that space allows for double ovens.  I decided on just a range top so less bending over and directly across will the the island with a sink.

This kitchen is probably 25 years old.  The peninsula will be gone….by adding the island.

Again a simple island with shaker legs…..

And this wall will house the fridge, a coffee bar and a pantry.

The pantry will step back to 12″ so as not to impede on the entry to the kitchen.  It will house glasses, dishes and food.

I am still all over the place and Lord knows the design part could change as we are still finalizing the appliances… we haven’t started yet.

But here are my thoughts today:)  

Of course I am sticking with neutrals…..I mean did you think for a minute I would go all cray?

Stay tuned as I am sure I will be blogging about my angst over this one…..and stick around and watch my anxiety over this injury play out. 

Happy Holidays y’all….let the games begin!




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