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THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

 THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

Sherry, you look beautiful and joyful! A great photo!

That is a very lovely photo
I would like to go to Mass
I would like to get a mani/pedi

At least this is not happening in the winter…that would really throw me over the edge!

You know on the coast of NC we have had a hurricane or two. So I am grateful everyday that we have power, AC, TV, grocery stores open and a few other things I would normally take for granted. Drag out a jigsaw puzzle! It’s so addictive and reminds me of my childhood. Every time we had a snow day my Mother would set up the card table with a puzzle. Hang in there Sherry! You’re doing great.
PS You’re going to need to replace your walking shoes soon! Good job.

WOW WOW WOW!! That walking is so impressive!! You must have great feet and knees cuz that is some serious mileage. LOVE the photo of you! So beautiful and I definitely see a twinkle in your eye! Finally, the tree wallpaper is one of my absolute faves. Great to see it on the walls of your project. Thanks for the post! Happy Saturday!!

You are beginning to look like yourself again, but even better. Your strength is showing, and it’s a beautiful thing. My husband is a nursing home Doc, here in Ohio. While everyday is like Groundhog Day, I don’t know if I’ll ever forget the fear I feel when he gets home and we go through an elaborate decontamination routine. My home truly is my escape, and I’m tweaking everyday. The heartbreaking situation your sister is in is truly humbling. The courage it takes to move forward should never be taken for granted. But after this year, you already know that too well. Onward!

I am one of the legions – I hope – of silent readers out here in the blogiverse. I love that you share your talent, skill, personality, vulnerability, and observations so beautifully. I look forward to your posts as they are honest and relatable on such a personal level. Plus I just enjoy seeing your design choices. Thanks for a bright spot in the Groundhog Day life we are currently leading.

Blessings to your sister and BIL. I can’t imagine dropping him off for surgery and not being able to stay with him. I hope it all goes well for him. I’m always excited to see your posts! And Cami.

You look beautiful!! Thank you for being such an inspiration!!! I am going to lift your sister and her husband in prayer!

That head shot is wonderful! It shows your warmth, humor and playfulness.
Studio McGee has it going on at Target. I love everything they do. May have to find a clientvwho needs neutrals since I design more color.
Take care my friend.

What a lovely pic, gettin your groove back. ❤️

Studio McGee is really a great curated label. I’m thinking of using one of those paintings as a stepping off place for a collage I’m going to make. And yes, you look very happy in that picture

Studio McGee is really a great curated label. I’m thinking of using one of those paintings as a stepping off place for a collage I’m going to make. And yes, you look very happy in that picture

that is a great photo, that is a keeper! good for you

I’ll take one of those hugs luv, keep moving up, it looks great on you!

Man I love seeing that joyful smile on that beautiful face. You look Mah-va-loussss. Two lovely ladies with the cutest pups evah.

The photo captures your fun spirit and pretty face. You’re the pin-up girl for spunky resilience, a trait I always admire.

Sherry that’s an awesome photo of you!! Also the throw over the chair was too funny.

Glad you posted as we all need to hear from our peeps. Prayers out for your BIL and sister – it is unfortunate that she will not be able to be there with him – rough times!

You totally made my day yesterday. I’m sure it was nothing for you, but meant everything to me. I love you Friend xo. And you indeed look like the Joy has returned to your face. Always a beauty, inside and out.

I know you love neutrals, but that background in your headshot was perfect for illuminating you beautiful smile!

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