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THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

 THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

I don’t know how it got to be Sunday again….to be honest I have been struggling with writing my blog lately.  It is hard to pretend that everything is always hunky dory….and sometime I feel like when I read it over….it sounds a little forced…

I am sure y’all don’t notice it.  I can tell that I have a little  “low grade” depression and it feels like I need to save all of my energy for work because I have to do that!

I am sure it will pass….as I just keep plugging along because as I have said before and as trite as it sounds TIME is the great healer.

OK….here is whats up.

I started the Netflix series called The Serpent.  Now to be honest I called my sister after episode one [she had already finished it] and said should I keep going?

But she assured me that it would be good so I plowed into episode 2.  She was right.  I have finished 5 episodes now and I want to go in there and finish it but I also want something to watch tonight so I am holding off.  I will tell you that it moves back and forth through some years but you will figure that out pretty quickly.

It is based on a true story and the music and fashion was a draw for me!

Next up is this little situation I purchased from a flea market to go in a loft area for a client.  Since the wait time is so long for upholstery…I thought to go in another direction!  I can not wait to put this area together!

Just think rug and accessories….etc!

At the same house I had the runner installed and it looks so darn good!  It is by Stanton.

So classic….looks like a mans tweed suit.

I was at Kravet last week searching for fabrics and they had a new wallpaper book.  It also has matching fabrics.

They are all drawn by a little boy who has autism…I mean how cute are those giraffes anyway.

Y’all know how much I love my coffee table which is similar to this wood [not shape] and I saw this one at a flea market the other day….swoon!

I also saw this great hand painted lamp…I am assuming. Stunning.

Here is what has been keeping me up at nights….and that is putting together a lighting plan.  If y’all think this is easy I am here to say nope.

I always want a good mix of gold….dark and silver.  Plus you have to figure out which ones will all be in a site line so that it doesn’t look busy.

And one more thing…I am excited to be using this wallpaper….

I know…who am I?  I mean this is every color in the book!

Oh but wait there is one more thing.  Take a seat for this one because surprise….it is about cooking.  I have made this soup/stew about 10 times.  To the point where I can get the ingredients from memory.

There you have it.  Just random thoughts and events but hey it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I’m not quitting but just know that my post might be sporadic for a bit.



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