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THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

 THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

Well….I got all cocky about my last post!  I spent time planning it…..which is unusual for me lately.  

I mean I bet there are some bloggers who plan out all their post once a week…’s a newsflash….that would not be me:)

I wing it…..which is par for my course.  And I am not proud of it…..but hey….I have been blogging for 11 years so I guess it’s working….hahaha.

Why all the preface?  Yup…no planning for today.

But let’s recap “yellowgate”.

First things first….when I posted about 10 stories on Instagram a few people thought my Insta had been hacked.  Yeah…..because of course….I am not known for using color.

And when I put a poll up about it here is what I got!

So the no’s have spoken.  And I did find a few more yellow images that I posted but I am going to give them to you in case you didn’t see them!

A reader sent me the one above and that is definitely a wow moment!

But you know who used to use a lot of yellow????

Martha Stewart!

I posted this pretty Schumacher wallpaper and a reader sent me her laundry room!

This would be a pretty place to do laundry right!

And one more pretty room which proves that even if you aren’t a fan it can be pretty in small doses!

Melanie Turner

OK….I’m done.  I do know how to beat a dead horse though right!

On Saturday Rose and I went to a [new to us] flea market called Highland Row.  Here are some of the highlights!

These chairs….

This was a great lamp….huge and just needed a new shade.

Saturday Night Fever!

Totally into this lamp!

I came home with this little vintage picture!

I make it sound like my week wasn’t busy but crikey….taking Saturdays off lately has done me good.  I am overwhelmed with work right now which is crazy AND good at the same time. 

OK….but wait….one last thing.

This is the first thing I saw when I walked into West Elm on Sat.  

Just saying.

Oh and stop the press….I cooked on Sunday!

I found this recipe online but it’s from one of the Love and Lemons cookbooks!  So dang easy y’all!

And….one more thing! I hired someone to clean my gutters….and I accidentally blew him a kiss when he texted me to say he was on the way….good Lord. 



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