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THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

 THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

Well….thanks for the love y’all.  I don’t plan on quitting….unless I get so old there are like 3 people left reading haha.  Seriously though I really do still enjoy it!

Today….just a little this and that!  

Update on my knee.  It’s been 2 weeks and it’s getting better which I am so relieved about.  I walked with my neighbor last night a couple of miles and it was good.  It still hurts a little going down and up stairs.

I have also been busy cleaning out and giving my office a small makeover.  Whew……so much stuff accumulated. 

Last weekend I went over to Sudi’s with my friend Rose [she is helping to decorate her new condo].

It’s looking really good!

She had this chair recovered and I adore the shape and the boucle fabric!  


And Rose’s husband installed this bedroom light for her….Circa Lighting

We lifted the bed and between all of us managed to lay down her rug!

 The bedroom is coming along and will be beautiful!

I finally went to the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Holiday Showhouse before it closed.  

This porch was all black and white goodness!

What about all of this ceiling detail?  

This room by Courtney Giles was a fav.  Blue and camel are 2 of my favorite colors to use together!

Layer up people!

I posted these on Instagram but they are a few of my favorite lamps that I see occasionally at Homegoods.

And I bought this selection of wrapping paper for the farm!

I had this whole fashion post started but I didn’t finish it so I am going to share the crux of it with you:)

I am sure you have noticed that white boots are trending!  I put together some for you to check out!


I got mine over Thanksgiving from Nordstroms [All Saints] where they were 30% off and I had a gift certificate to use.  I would not normally spend this much:)

But….I do like how they look!


Here are a few other looks lately from my #OOTD on Instagram stories!

Guess what!  One of my favorite designers Eileen Fisher sent me some clothes [after seeing me wear so many of them]!  I about died because I love her classic looks! In the first picture…the sweater [can’t find on the website anymore] and scarf!  The above coat which is amazing!

The small crossbody black bag!  

Can you even?  I have bought her things over the years but always on sale!  I gotta tell you though I still wear them today!

So that’s it people!  

16 days until Christmas….I am trying to get in the spirit….it’s a bit of a struggle for me…..



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