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THIS AND THAT….YEAH AGAIN! – design indulgence

 THIS AND THAT….YEAH AGAIN! – design indulgence

Well I finished Mrs Maisel and now I am lower than a snakes tail.  Only 8 episodes.  I feel gypped.

Why aren’t there more shows like this?  It seems like everything is zombie or science fiction lately.

Guess what….I would like to share something big with you ….even though it will make news at 11… wreath is up.  

Sigh of relief.  I accomplished something.  I am working on my mantel….it might not even be “blog worthy” but hey….real life right!  The struggle is real people….

Speaking of blog worthy I wish I had more for you today but again so many projects yet everything is in the ugly stage.  So let me share my week for you.

Monday I had an art installation.  Over 15 pieces got hung and of course most of it was black and white….well all of it pretty much was:)

My good friend Jennifer Balcos opened a gallery and I could go in there blindfolded.  Seriously.  If you are interested in any of these get in touch with her!

Hung these at the top of the stairs.

These were hung in the DR.

For some reason I did not get a finished picture of the hanging….:(

But I love the old frames.

In the pantry we hung these treatments.  They stay flat and just provide a little privacy from neighbors!

Next up was checking on the tile at my Ladisic Fine Homes project.  I picked all this at least 4 or 5 months ago so it’s fun to see it finally all happening!


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